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Chosen and Adopted

Listen as Bryan Karney points us to a deeper understanding of the wonder of being the children of God, and adopted into His family.

Who Were the Ephesians

Join us as Kevin Armostrong calls us to consider the story and journey the church in Ephesus, and how it may speak into some of our own story.

Jim Chen challenged us with how we should engage in the places we find ourselves in the year ahead, as citizens of God's Kingdom.

Restore Year Recap

Listen as Elizabeth Pierce leads us in reflecting on key moments, and important words from our study of the Kingdom of heaven in the Book of Matthew from this past ministry year.

How Do We Fear God

Listen to Kevin Armstrong as he talks about what it means to fear God, and how we come before Him.

Our Stories

Jeff Smith from Salt and Light Ministries spoke to us of the power our stories of who we were, and the changes we've experienced because of Jesus.  He gives great insight into wha...

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